Candle Making Tutorials

Here we have a selection of candle making tutorials and fun projects. Enjoy!

Basic Candle Making

Basic Candle Making: If you haven’t made candles before, these instructions will get you off to a good start.

Chunk Candle Making

Chunk Candles: This tutorial will guide you through the process of making chunk candles.

Cold Pour Candle Making

Cold-Pour/Rustic Candles: This tutorial will explain how to make rustic-looking cold-pour candles.

4th of July Balloon Luminaries

4th of July Balloon Luminaries: these balloon luminaries demonstrate the use of color in luminaries.

How ot make Bleeding Taper Candles

Bleeding Taper Candles: these taper candles are great for Halloween themes.

How to make Cupcake Candles

Cupcake Candles: this tutorial will show you how to make some cupcake candles.

How to make Draped Layer Candles

Draped Layer Candles: make candles with nice contrasting colors.

How to make Embed Photos into Candles

Embedding Photos: learn how to embed photos into candles or luminaries.

Floating Candle Tutorial

Floating Candle Tutorial: this tutorial introduces the process of making floating candles.

Heart Embed Candles

Heart Embed Candles: these make great anytime gifts.

Hurricane Shells

Hurricane Shells: this tutorial will show you how to make hurricane shells, or luminaries, with botanicals embedded into the wax.

Ice Candles

Ice Candles: a demonstration of the process of making Ice Candles.

Layered Container Candles

Layered Container Candles: how to make layered container candles.

Marbled Pillar Candles

Marbled Pillar Candles: instructions to achieve a marbled look in your pillars.

Mini Pumpkin Candles

Mini Pumpkin Candles: check out these mini pumpkin candles.

Pillar Candle Embellishment

Pillar Candle Embellishment: A simple way to turn a standard pillar candle into something special and unique.

Pillar Candles With Faded Edges

Pillar Candles With Faded Edges: Here is how to create a faded look to the edges of your pillar candles.

Rainbow Pillars

Rainbow Pillars: create fun colors with this technique.

Seashell Candles

Seashell Candles: how to fill seashells.

Stacked Pillar Candles

Stacked Pillar Candles: An easy way to use up leftover wax and make a beautiful and unique candle.

Tilted Layers

Tilted Layers: Here is a strategy to get those tilted layers into your pillars.

Water Balloon Luminaries

Water Balloon Luminaries: These awesome luminaries are easy to make.

Watermelon Candle

Watermelon Candle: Learn how to make this watermelon candle.

Wax Art – Rose

Wax Art – Rose: Learn how to make this watermelon candle.




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