Stacked Pillar Candle

 final stacked_2

An easy way to use up leftover wax and make a beautiful and unique candle.

You Will Need:

When you make your wax cut-outs to embellish a pillar candle, you should have quite a few leftover shapes. If not, you can follow steps 1-5 of the Pillar Candle Embellishment Tutorial to create the shapes.



stacked candle 1_21. Simply thread a pre-tabbed wick through the hole in each of your wax shapes and push all the way down onto the wick tab.


stacked candle 2_2






2. Arrange the shapes as desired. You can align them for a straight shape, or twist them for a spiral look.


stacked candle 3_2





3. For better adhesion between the layers, you can melt the top of each shape with a heat gun and press down with each new shape.

When you have used up all of your wax shapes, trim your wick to about 1/4″ and enjoy!

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