Cold-Pour/Rustic Candles


One strategy to create rustic looking candles.

Pouring candles at cooler temperatures can produce some interesting surface “blemishes.” The rustic surface finish of these candles makes them a suitable compliment for many decors. It also does an excellent job at concealing nicks and scratches that may occur in handling.


1.Melt a wax suitable for pillars (ex. IGI-1343) to 175F, adding dye and fragrance oil as usual.

2.Then allow the wax to cool to a temperature of about 10 degrees F above the specified melting point of the wax.

3.In a sloppy fashion, pour several ounces of the wax into a room temperature, or slightly chilled, metal mold (aluminum or tin works fine) that has been prepared with a light film of mold release.

4.After pouring in a manner that splashes some wax along the sides of the mold, pause for about 3-5 seconds.

5.Then fill the mold the remainder of the way in a fairly quick motion. If you pour too slow, you’ll get something called “jump-lines.” Moving the mold to a water bath after it has been filled with wax will aid in clean mold release.


Rustic/Cold-Pour Candles
Contributed by Alan Wallace

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