Santa Claus Candles


Make these super cute Santa Claus candles for gifts or for the home!


You Will Need:
16 oz. Colonial Jar
Container Wax
Pre-tabbed Wick
Fragrance Oil (optional)
Red Liquid Dye or Red Dye Chips
-Black Ribbon
-Gold Stud or Buckle
-Black Beads
-Hot Glue Gun
Pouring Pitcher
Scale (recommended)
Wick Holder Bar or Wick Centering Tool (optional)


Step 1:
Melt your wax using the double boiler method. While it is melting, wick your container using the appropriate size wick for your wax and container. Secure at the top with a wick holder bar or wick centering tool, if desired.


Step 2:
Once the wax is fully melted, add your fragrance oil, if desired, and mix thoroughly. We used our yummy Cookies for Santa Fragrance Oil!


Step 3:
Add your red dye and mix thoroughly. We recommend about 7-10 drops of Red/Pink Liquid Dye or 2-3 Red or Ruby Red Dye Chips per pound of wax. You may need more for more opaque waxes such as soy. Tip: You can also add some Brown for a more rustic shade of red.


Step 4:
Pour the wax into the container almost to the top, leaving a bit of space for the wick and lid. Allow the candle to cool completely.


Step 5:
Once the candle is completely cool, trim the wick to approximately ¼”.


Step 6:
Wrap the black ribbon around the bottom third of the jar and secure with tape or hot glue.


Step 7:
If your gold buckle or stud cannot be easily attached to the ribbon on its own, carefully apply a drop of hot glue to the back and press it firmly against the ribbon.


Step 8:
Glue the black beads to the jar above the belt to look like buttons. (You can also usually find self-adhesive beads at most craft stores). Allow the glue to cool, and enjoy!



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