Glitter LOVE Pillar Candles


These pretty glitter love pillar candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or use your own choice of letters and colors for anytime decor!

You Will Need:
Pillar Wax (Such as IGI 4625)
Pillar Molds
Wick Screw
Mold Sealer
Fragrance Oil (optional)
Candle Dye (optional)
Pouring Pitcher
-Card Stock (or other type of sturdy paper/cardboard)
-Mod Podge


Step 1:
Melt your pillar wax in a double boiler. Prepare your pillar mold with wick, wick screw, and mold sealer. If you are not familiar with making pillar candles, check out our step-by-step tutorial. We chose to make square pillars since the flat surface is easier to work with when applying the letters. When the wax has reached the proper temperature, add your fragrance, if desired, and mix thoroughly. You can add color, but it is not necessary. Pour the wax into the mold and allow to cool.


Step 2:
Poke relief holes in the wax during the cooling process. When the wax has cooled, re-melt the leftover wax and fill in the sink holes. Allow to cool completely, and remove the candle from the mold.


Step 3:
Print or draw the letters on the card stock and cut them out using scissors or an x-acto knife.  We did the word “LOVE” for Valentine’s Day, but you can put whatever you want, such as a name or important date.


Step 4:
Tape the card stock onto your pillar candles in the spot where you want them to be, and evenly coat the exposed area of the candle with Mod Podge using a paint brush or sponge.


Step 5:
Quickly (before it dries) sprinkle a generous amount of glitter over the Mod Podge, making sure to coat all areas of the letter completely. We recommend doing this over a paper plate or newspaper to catch any excess glitter. Set aside and allow to dry. When the Mod Podge has dried completely, gently and carefully remove the card stock from the candle and wipe off any excess or use your fingers to fix any mistakes or blemishes. Enjoy!

One comment on “Glitter LOVE Pillar Candles
  1. Liz says:

    I love your fantastic candle ideas, for the 4 square candles ‘LOVE’ can you tell me the size of mould you have used.

    Liz x

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