Color Suggestions

A helpful list of colors that match popular fragrances.


Fragrance Name Suggested Color
Almond Pastries Light Brown or Ivory
Amish Harvest Coffee/Brown, Cinnamon Red, or Rust and Brown at 2:1
Apple Blossom Pale Pink or Mauve
Apple Jack & Peel Dark Tan, Green, or Cinnamon Red
Asian Sandalwood Brown
Baby Powder Pale Blue, Yellow, or Pink
Banana Nut Bread Brown
Bartlett Pear Green or Brown
Bayberry Bayberry
Birds of Paradise Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, or Pink
Birthday Cake Light Yellow, or White (no color added)
Black Canyon Black, Brown, or Forest Green
Blackberry Sage Burgandy, Cranberry/Colonial Blue Mixed or Sage Green
Blackberry Tea Burgundy, Cranberry, or Golden Honey
Botanical Orchard & Nectar Green, Coral/Peach, Pink, Lavender, or Yellow
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Ivory or Golden Honey/Vanilla
Brown Sugar & Fig Golden honey/Vanilla, Brown, Burgundy/Mauve, or Pink
Buttermint Candies Ivory, Pastels or Holiday Colors
Cabernet Grape Purple
Cantaloupe Coral/Peach, Orange or Rust
Cappuccino Hazelnut Mahogany
Caramel Apple Mix Brown and Orange
Casaba Mist Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Light Teal/Aqua, or vanilla
Cedar Brown or Rust
Chanel No. 5 A touch of Golden Honey/Vanilla, or no color added for White
Cinnamon Red
Cinnamon & Balsam Cinnamon Red or Green
Cinnamon Buns Brown
Citronella Yellow or Yellow/Orange
Clean Cotton White (no color added) or Pastels
Coconut Banana Blast White (no color added), Ivory or Yellow
Coconut Lime Verbana Bayberry/Eucalyptus or no color at all
Coconut Milk White (no color added)
Cool Citrus Basil Yellow or Green
Cornucopia Plum, Golden Honey, Brown or Mauve
Country Berry Hotcakes Golden Honey, Burgundy, Red, or your favorite Berry color
Country Garden Orchid, Lavender, Yellow, Pale Pink, or Turquoise
Cranberry Apple Marmalade Orange, Yellow, or Red
Cranberry Citrus Burgundy or Red
Creamy Praline Pecan Ivory or Brown
Creme Brulee Brown or Tan
Cuecumber Cantaloup Peach or Orange and/or Green layers or chunks
Cucumber Melon Aqua, Aqua Marine, or Teal
Downy Fresh White (no color), Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, Pale Green, or any Pastel
Emerald Pear Avocado
Eucalyptus Leaf Bayberry/Eucalyptus
Fireside Smoke, Gray or Brown
Freesia Lavender
French Vanilla & Amber Ivory, Tan, or varying shades of Brown
French Vanilla Ivory
Fresh Baked Pie Crust Golden Honey
Fresh Brewed Coffee Black or Brown/Coffee
Fresh Linen White (no color added), Baby Blue, or Yellow
Frosted Carrot Cake Orange and Brown Mixed
Fruit Slices Orange, Peach, Rust, Maize, or Yellow
Fudge Brownie Brown and Black mixed
Gardenia White (no color)
Genuine Leather  Black or Brown
Georgia Peach Coral/Peach or Orange
German Chocolate Cake Brown
Ginger Passion Yellow, Ivory, or Light Brown
Ginger Peach Rust
Gingerbread Cookies Brown
Grandma’s Swingin’ Eggnog Ivory with a touch of Yellow or Golden Honey/Vanilla
Grapefruit Red or Orange
Green Clover & Aloe Hunter Green on the light side
Green Tea Sage Green
Heather Purple or Lavender/Orchid mixed
Hollyberry & Ivy Green or Red
Home for the Holidays Christmas Green, Bayberry/Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Red
Honeydew Melon Avocado or Lime Green
Honeysuckle Yellow
Hot Cocoa Brown
Hyacinth Pink, Yellow, or white (no color)
Iced Lemon Danish Yellow, White, or a Light brown
Jamaica Me Crazy Yellow, Orange, Purple, Teal/Aqua or Green
Jasmine White
Juicy Pineapple Yellow
Juniper Breeze Teal/Aqua or Bayberry/Eucalyptus
Key Lime Avocado, Lime Green, or Bayberry/Eucalyptus
Lavender Lavender or purple
Lemon Pound Cake Yellow
Lilac Purple, Lavender, Mauve, or Orchid
Love Spell Lavender, Purple, Pink, Red, Mauve, or Coral
Macintosh Apple Cranberry or Red
Magnolia White, Yellow, or Pink
Mandarin Plum Purple or Cranberry
Mango Papaya Rust or coral/peach
Maple & Brown Sugar Brown
Mary Jane Brown or Greenish Brown
Mediterranean Fig Burgundy or Brown/Tan
Midsummer Night Black or Navy Blue
Moonlight Path Lavender or Navy Blue
Mountain Lake Blue or Teal/Aqua
Mountain Pine Christmas Green, Forest Green, or Bayberry/Eucalyptus
Mulberry Green, Red or Black
Nag Champa Brown or Gray
Ocean Aqua
Orange Chiffon Cake Orange with a drop of Golden Honey/Vanilla liquid dye
Orange Orange
Patchouli Patchouli! Light Brown or Sand color
Pear Spice Bayberry/Eucalyptus, Avocado, or White (no color)
Peppermint Kiss Brown or Bayberry
Pina Coloda White, Light Yellow, or White (no color)
Pink Sugar Pink or Light Pink
Plumeria Light Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, or White (no color)
Pomegranate Burgundy or Cranberry
Purely Peppermint Very Pale Blue, or Red/White combo
Raspberry Truffle Brown or layers of Brown and Burgundy/Red
Red Clove Reddish Brown, Burgundy, Mahogany or Black
Red Currant Burgundy or Ruby Red
Rose Bouquet Pink, Red, Yellow, or no color at all
Sage & Lemongrass Sage green
Spiced Cranberry Dark Red, Cranberry
Spring Rain Lavender, Pale Blue, Pink, Yellow, or Light Green
Spruce Christmas Tree Christmas Green, Hunter Green, or Bayberry/Eucalyptus
Stargazer Lily Pale Pink or Yellow
Storm Watch Gray, Navy blue or Smoke
Strawberries & Cream Red or Pink
Strawberry Red
Strawberry Kiwi Red or Red/Green layers or chunks
Sugar Cookie Golden Honey or Light Brown
Sugar Plum Berries Burgundy, Lavender, or Purple
Sunflower Yellow or Maize
Sweet Pea Mauve or Pale Pink
Sweet Pumpkin Spice Orangish brown
Tall Grass Green
Tropical Tuberose White, Pale Green, or Pink
Tuscan Nights Sage Green, Navy Blue, Brown or Black
Vanilla Hazelnut Ivory or Light Brown
Vanilla Mint Light Green or Light Blue
Vanilla Passion Golden Honey/Vanilla, Ivory, or White (no color)
Vineyard Bayberry, Sage Green, Lavender or Purple
Warm Apple Pie Light Brown or Red
Warm Vanilla Sugar Golden Honey/Vanilla
Watermelon Red or Red/Green chunks or layers
White Lily & Amber White or off White, such as ivory or a touch of Golden Honey/Vanilla
White Tea & Ginger Pale Yellow or White (no color) 
Wild Berry Musk Burgundy, Purple, Red, or Navy/Country Blue
Wild Cherry Deep Red
Wild Mountain Honey Golden Honey/Vanilla, Light Brown
Wild Raspberry Red or Cerise

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