Bath & Body Tutorials:

soapfinal_2Cookie Cutter Soaps: Tired of the same old soap molds? Get creative with cookie cutters!




finalfish_2Fish-in-a-Bag Soaps: These adorable novelty soaps will get the kids to actually want to take a bath!




loofasoap-2-458wFlowering Loofa Soaps: This easy soap making project describes how to make these attractive Flowering Loofa Soaps.




layersoapsLayered Soaps: Learn how to make these cute Melt & Pour layered soaps in just a few easy steps!




CRW_0537Melt and Pour Chunk Soaps: Step-by-step instructions for Melt & Pour Chunk Soaps.




final soaps_2Single-Use Flower Petal Soaps: Learn to make some pretty single-use soaps for your guests!




soaponaropeSoap on a Rope: Never drop your soap with these handy and cute soaps!




finalbar_2Summer Lotion Bars: Fun, simple, and practical, these lotion bars make a great summer project.




finished_5Watermelon Soaps: Cute, functional, summertime soaps!





chocolatebarsoap6Yummy Fudge Soaps: Enjoy the look and smell of freshly made fudge, without the calories!

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