Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes


These elegant, exfoliating sugar scrub soap cubes are perfect for dry winter skin and make a great Valentine gift!

You Will Need:
Melt & Pour Soap Base
-Granulated Sugar
-Vegetable Oil (or oil of your choice such as Olive or Almond Oil)
Square Soap Mold
Bath & Body Safe Fragrance Oil (optional)
-Allura Red Liquid Colorant (or color of your choice – micas work great too!)
-Microwave Safe Pouring Container
-Storage Container (we used 8 oz. Jelly Jars)


Step 1:
Measure your ingredients on a scale. For a relatively small batch (about 18 cubes) we used 3 oz Soap Base, 6 oz sugar, and about 2 oz oil. Tip: You may need to adjust your oil ratio depending on your climate and humidity. Cut the soap base into small chunks and melt in the microwave.


Step 2:
Once the soap base is melted, add your desired fragrance and color and mix thoroughly.


Step 3:
Add the oil and stir until it is fully integrated with the soap.


Step 4:
Finally, add the sugar. Once the sugar is added, the soap will thicken and set up quickly, so it helps to add it in slowly while stirring (like when you are baking). Mix it all together until you have a thick, sugary paste.


Step 5:
Immediately transfer the mixture into your soap mold. Press down with your fingers to fill in any air pockets so you will have a solid block of soap. Allow to set up completely before removing from the molds. (This should take at least an hour.)


Step 6:
Gently remove the soaps from the molds by pressing firmly on the outside of the mold with your thumbs.


Step 7:
Use a sturdy knife to cut the soap into cubes.


Step 8:
Place the soaps into the storage container (something with an airtight seal works best) and decorate with a ribbon if desired. Keep them for yourself or give as thoughtful gifts!

9 comments on “Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes
  1. We need to try this recipe. I know our customers would love this. Thank you for posting. Have a great New Year!

  2. pat harris says:

    What kind of base did you use for the scrub cubes. I’d like to use coconut oil but am concerned if I’m selling them in the summer, they will tend to melt. I do have castile which I have grated and it seems like it would work. Any other suggestions? I also have, on hand, shea, cocoa & some goats milk bases.

  3. Sara says:

    What a great idea! Do you recommend a preservative because of the sugar? Do you not need one because of the soap? Thanks!

  4. kelly says:

    can i use clear melt and pour soap With this scrub?

  5. maneesha.r says:

    thanks good ideas

  6. taiwo says:

    i’m very happy with this site, with the information you are passing to us. God bless you. but if i want to add herbs to the candle and spray perfume before the finishing touch how do i go about it. Secondly, if i want to start my own business on perfume , soap and candle making at large what are the things needed?

  7. Fascinating. Very easy to understand. I love how easy they make it.

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