Layered Shamrock Soaps


Learn to make these cute, unique layered shamrock soaps for St. Patrick’s Day!

You Will Need:
Shamrock Soap Mold
Clear Soap Base
Opaque Soap Base
Sparkle Gold Mica
Deep Green Mica
-Microwave Safe Pouring Dish
Fragrance Oil (optional)
-Alcohol Spray Bottle (optional)


Step 1:
Cut some clear soap base into chunks and melt in the microwave in 30-second increments.


Step 2:
Add a small amount of fragrance oil if desired and some Sparkle Gold Mica. Stir in the mica until you have achieved your desired shade.


Step 3:
Carefully pour the gold soap into the edge around the sides of the mold and allow to cool.


Step 4:
Melt some more clear soap base (you can just add it to the leftover gold soap base if there is any) in the microwave and mix in some Deep Green Mica until you have achieved your desired shade.


Step 5:
Carefully pour the green soap into the shamrock-shaped portion of the mold and allow to cool.


Step 6:
Use a fork to score the top of the soap to aid in adhesion between the layers. Tip: You can also spray a small amount of rubbing alcohol for additional help with adhesion.


Step 7:
Melt some opaque/white soap base in the microwave. Again, you can add this to the leftover soap base from step 5 and this should allow you to end up with a pale green color. If you prefer the background to be white, rinse out the pouring container before adding the white base and do not add any colorant. Add fragrance if desired and mix thoroughly.


Step 8:
Pour the light green soap into the rest of the mold, filling it up all the way to the top. You can spray the top of the soap with some more alcohol to “kill” the bubbles.


Step 9:
When the soap has finished cooling completely, gently press the mold with your thumbs to pop the soaps out of the mold. If you have trouble getting them out, allow them to cool for longer and try again.

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