Apple Slices Soap


These adorable apple slices soaps are perfect for back-to-school!

You Will Need:
Clear Soap Base
White Soap Base
Guest Oval & Rectangle Soap Mold
Square Soap Mold
Allura Red Liquid Colorant or Red Oxide
Bath & Body Safe Fragrance Oil (such as Macintosh Apple)
-Microwave Safe Pouring Container
-Paring Knife
-Rubbing Alcohol Spray Bottle (recommended)
Scale (recommended)


Step 1:
Melt a few ounces of clear soap base in the microwave in 30-second increments until fully melted. Tip: We added a small chunk of white base to make it more opaque. Add fragrance if desired, and red colorant. Mix thoroughly until desired shade is achieved.


Step 2:
Pour a thin layer (about ¼”) of the red soap into the oval soap molds. Allow to cool completely.


Step 3:
Remove the red soaps from the mold by pressing gently on the back of the mold with your thumbs. Cut the ovals in half lengthwise with your paring knife. Then cut the half-ovals into thin slivers to make the apple skins.


Step 4:
Place the slivers back into the oval molds the way they were originally, leaving a smaller oval-shaped space in the middle. Spray with rubbing alcohol to aid adhesion.


Step 5:
Melt a few ounces of white soap base in the microwave. Add fragrance if desired and mix thoroughly. Tip: You can also add a drop or two of colorant to achieve a more realistic apple flesh color.


Step 6:
Pour the white soap into the center of the ovals, to the same level as the red slivers. Allow to cool completely.


Step 7:
Remove the red and white soap from the molds. If any of the white soap is stuck to the slivers, use your paring knife to slice it off.


Step 8:
Cut the ovals in half lengthwise again. Use your paring knife to cut a small half-circle in the center of the white base (where the core would be cut off on a real apple slice). Set the apple slices aside.


Step 9:
Melt a larger amount (enough to fill as many of the square soap molds as you wish to make) of clear soap base in the microwave. Add fragrance if desired, but do not add colorant.


Step 10:
Pour the clear soap into the square soap molds, leaving about ¼” of space at the top of the molds. Carefully place the apple slices into the square molds and arrange as desired. Allow to cool completely.


Step 11:
Gently remove the soaps from the molds and enjoy! These make a great back-to-school gift for your favorite teacher!

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